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Basketball Wive's Meeka Claxton Speaks About Tami Roman!

18 Aug

I will say that Meeka Claxton rubbed me the wrong way when she started the show. It seems like she went on and on trying to justify her actions and what she said. Only thing is –it made no sense. However, I will say that she gained my respect from watching her on the reunion show. She was still talking in circles a bit, but I think for the most part she had complete self-control and she was a class act. No matter what Tami said to her, she kept her composure and I loved that.

Tami revealed to Star Magazine that she was embarrassed about the showdown between her and Tami on Monday night’s BBW Reunion show. She said “That is not the way I usually conduct myself.”

She also explained, “People have preconceived notions about basketball wives and that’s initially why I wanted to go on the show. They think that we’re spoiled rich girls and that we have three nannies for one child. That could be the case for some women, but that’s not the case for me, and I wanted to showcase that.”

Makes me wish she was still on the show. We never know what might happen.

Read the full article over at Star Magazine.