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Happy 30th B’Day Beyoncè: Star Celebrates in Itally with Hubby Jay Z [PHOTOS] [VIDEOS]

4 Sep


Today marks Beyonce’s 30th birthday.  From 15 years ago when the star made her debut, she is still going strong and as we all see, she has risen to stardom and still going strong.

Her fans joined in the celebration by adding the hash-tag #Happy30thBeyonce on Twitter.  Pictured is the newly pregnant Bey and hubby in Italy.  We hope you enjoy your day Bey!  Happy 30th Birthday!

From Beyonce’s B’Day album

Here is a special message from Stevie Wonder to Beyonce

From a fan:
Check out this cool GIF made by a fan over at The Staffz Room


Beyonce Sets New Twitter Record; Plus Live Performance of “Love On Top” [VIDEO]

29 Aug

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement was the most talk about moment in the history of twitter with people tweeting 8,868 tweets per second!

I wonder what’s going to happen with the tour? “I want to you feel the love growing inside of me”, she said at the beginning of her performance. I do! I do, Bey! I am so happy for this couple; I was “smiling from ear to ear”, as the song says, when I saw her drop the mic
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Beyonce is Pregnant! Star Announces News on 2011 MTV VMA [VIDEO]

28 Aug

That’s right! “Jayonce” is expecting a baby! in the video at 0:24 seconds, she says “I have a surprise” then proceeds to hold her bump!




Here is a picture of Beyonce as she held her little bump for photographers to snap a picture! Continue reading

Jay-Z Spends $250,000 On Champagne To Celebrate New Album; Highest Selling Album in Itunes History

16 Aug

Jay-Z was partying hard this weekend!  The hip hop star went to Miami’s nightclub Liv to celebrate his new album with Kanye West, Watch The Throne. ( I call them “Kan-Jay”).  The album is now #1 in 23 countries on Itunes.  Jay-Z reportedly spent $250,000 mostly on alcohol.  He bought an $100,000 bottle of Ace of Spades, reports say and tipped the waiters $50,000 at the end of the night!  Those employees must have celebrated also.

I really want to know if Liv or Jay-Z is hiring.  He has done a lot of charitable work but I think it is excessive.  Just get me through school and help me get these business ventures I got in mind up and running and I will do the rest of the work. #ThatIsAll

I dream of surprising the hell out of people at the grocery store just paying their bills. Stuff like that gives me a high.  That’s what I will be doing when I get rich.

Regardless, I love this man.  I don’t care about all those damn illuminati rumors.  The man has swag and he and his wife Beyonce is taking over right now.  Definitely a power couple!