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Swine Flu Vaccine Caused Hundreds of Deaths in 1976

28 Aug

You can read more by clicking the link below []. This is I don’t like these vaccines.


French Company Has Lingerie Line for Little Girl's Ages 4 to 12. Cute or Digusting?

18 Aug

I was watching Inside Edition and say a story on little girl’s lingerie. I didn’t even see what the lingerie looked like as yet and my reaction was a jaw drop. I can’t even imagine my little girl taking photos to promote such a thing.

When I finally did see the photos, I will admit that the product is cute, however; these girls are being sexualized putting make up on the young girls. It in no way looks like innocent dress up and just looks like a pedophile’s dream.

A commentator over at Jezebel said “Rather than being sexualized I see this as just general peer pressure. Lingerie is looked at much differently in France than in America and french women are obsessed with it – not so much as a tool of seduction as it might be used in America but just as part of their obsession with being ultra feminine”. This may be true but I am still uncomfortable with such a young age doing this.

Two specific photos made me cringe more than others and I left out one. I’m sure you will find it on the internet if you google it. I was wrestling with myself wondering if I should even post the photos. See the pictures below and judge for yourself. What do you think. Would you allow your daughter to wear this or do such a photo shoot?

This girl is 12. O_o She looks older

This one is ok

I approve this one

"Because I'm Not Supposed to Talk to Strangers"

8 Aug

I was talking to my daughter earlier and I asked her why she talks so much around us (non stop) yet she acts like she doesn’t to talk when other people around (even our close friends and family). She said Continue reading