Kelly Rowland Releasing Two New Videos: Fina-DAMN-ly! (PHOTOS)

8 Sep

Kelly Rowland’s album Here I Am was released earlier this summer and during the first week 77,000 copies were sold. I don’t like the album as a whole, and in my opinion was not Ms. Kelly’s best. The three good songs that I believe can really carry the album are Lay It On Me ft. Big Sean and Down For Whatever which is the two songs to be the next video.

Why Kelly and her team waited all this time after Motivation music video to start releasing another video and single is really something to question. I think her Marketing team needs a slap, but don’t underestimate the power of her overseas fan base. They really love her!

Over at , you can find out more information about the new upcoming video for the single Lay It On Me ft. Big Sean.

Here are some shots from the video! I don’t know if I like this sex sells route Kelly seems to be dong but I am rooting for her and this video looks sexy and promising!

Photos by Cameron Lazerine/Rap-Up

Did you like the album? What do you think of the photos?




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