2011 MTV VMA Red Carpet Fashions & What The Hells?

29 Aug

Celebrities arrived at the MTV VMAs.  I witnessed some moments of high fashion, couture, and O_0 “what-the hells”.  Here they are.  Judge for yourself!

Katy Perry looking quirky but quite adorable

Russell Brand looking quite uncomfortable…or just caught off guard

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!!! SMH! WTF man?! I know you like when people react like this so this is as much attention I will give this outfitcostumeget upmadness, ‘RATCHETNESS’!  As much as I love you I feel like you are trying to out do Gaga.  Please leave it to her.


How gorgeous is this ring!

Selena Gomez looking radiant

Twilight series’ star Taylor Lautner. I can’t wait for the next saga to come.

Miley Cyrus

I have no idea who she is but I love her hair and her dress.

What the hell is Ne-Yo wearing. I hate this outfit.

I have been hearing that Zoe Saldana’s new movie Columbiana is really good. I am going to check it out. She looks simple tonight.

Jah Hill…this man has mesmerizing eyes

Kim Kardashian in silver gown

Deena Cortese- Taste the Rainbow! Not feeling this at all!

I’m not sure how I feel about this dress. Snookie looks like she is trapped behind a mangled cage wires. Nice shoes though.

Britney Spears look great in this black dress but she was standing so straight in all her pictures like she was at attention. Loosen up Britney! You have made a great comeback.

Justin Beiber and his little snake. I kinds like his outfit with the cheetah shoes. A lot of people can’t stand the sight or thought of him but I like the kid. Love his story of success.

Love, love, love, Adele! This is not my style and I don’t like her hair but that’s her style and she wears it well.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – I have to admit…they look too cute as a couple here.

Amber has the right body for this white jumpsuit

Lil’ Mama – this dress is very nice but she looks like a granny! This is not a flattering picture of her.

Kreayshawn looks like….ummmm…what she is wearing – a cartoon character. BTW, who the hell is she? No really, where did she come from. I don’t feel like “googling her”.

I know if anyone don’t agree with me I know my Latinas will agree that Pitbull looks hot

Ace Hood, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled

Kelly Rowland- Now this woman is oh so beautiful! Love the Loubis!

Kevin Hart

I think Busta Rhymes gained some weight

The Game looking…rough!

Tyga- his body language says it all “Well…what can I say?”

Gary Busey’s brother?

Jessie J looks fabulous in her blinged out cast! She broke her leg when she fell of stage while rehearsing.

JoJo- My favorite pose of the night. Kinda reminds me of Halle Berry signature pose with the hand in the air.

Ron Artest- All that money and he just threw on a t-shirt. I guess he wanted to be comfortable. I can’t wait to see his wife on Basketball Wives: LA


2 Responses to “2011 MTV VMA Red Carpet Fashions & What The Hells?”

  1. bashmentgal04 September 2, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Katie Perry looked really pretty in that pic but did you see what she changed into when she accepted her second award. What was up with the box on her head she could hardly walk because she was so afraid it was going to fall. He hubby looks like he needs to take a S*#T.
    Nikki looks like it is homecoming week and she is dressing up for wacky tacky day! LMAO

    Beyonce just stunning. I love the color on her.

    Jessie J… umm her outfit that she performed in was ugly. She had on these big ass granny pannies that showed because the outfit was sheer. But I do like the blinged out cast.

    Although Snooki’s dress was ugly that was the best I have seen her look.

    • Bossiety September 4, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

      In regards to Katy Perry and her hat, hubby said the same thing but I kinds liked it. LOL . Call me crazy. I should have posted it but these were just red carpet looks.

      I didn’t notice the granny panties showing. LOL! LOL! LOL! Hey! I guess she wanted to be comfortable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ LOL

      If that was Snooki’s best…then I really don’t want to see the rest.

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