Kim Kardashian’s $1.5 Million Exclusive Wedding Photos

25 Aug

For those who was not invited to the 30-year-old reality TV star Kim Kardashian and 26-year-old NBA player Kris Humphries wedding, here is your chance to see photos of what is being called “The Wedding of the Year”.

Kim signed a $1.5million deal with People magazine which gave them exclusive access to the wedding and the rights to publish the pictures. You can pick up a copy of this week’s issue to also read an exclusive interview.  You will see pictures of Kim and her hubby Kris, Kim’s three gowns, the reception, the ten-tier wedding cake, the bridesmaids and the celebrity guests.

I don’t know about you but the wedding guest were wearing fashions of a black tie event and i never would have thought that I would like a wedding with someone besides the bride wearing white/ivory.  They were all looking so lovely and Kim has proved to me once again what great style she has.  A very lavish and romantic wedding it was and I don’t care what anyone says about this girl–I like her.  I don’t watch any of her shows though.  One thing I will say is that I wish her the best but I will be honest and say I won’t be surprised if they split.

See more pictures below.  What do you all think of the  fashions, reception, and this union?


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