French Company Has Lingerie Line for Little Girl's Ages 4 to 12. Cute or Digusting?

18 Aug

I was watching Inside Edition and say a story on little girl’s lingerie. I didn’t even see what the lingerie looked like as yet and my reaction was a jaw drop. I can’t even imagine my little girl taking photos to promote such a thing.

When I finally did see the photos, I will admit that the product is cute, however; these girls are being sexualized putting make up on the young girls. It in no way looks like innocent dress up and just looks like a pedophile’s dream.

A commentator over at Jezebel said “Rather than being sexualized I see this as just general peer pressure. Lingerie is looked at much differently in France than in America and french women are obsessed with it – not so much as a tool of seduction as it might be used in America but just as part of their obsession with being ultra feminine”. This may be true but I am still uncomfortable with such a young age doing this.

Two specific photos made me cringe more than others and I left out one. I’m sure you will find it on the internet if you google it. I was wrestling with myself wondering if I should even post the photos. See the pictures below and judge for yourself. What do you think. Would you allow your daughter to wear this or do such a photo shoot?

This girl is 12. O_o She looks older

This one is ok

I approve this one


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