Beyonce Tops Forbes List For Most Powerful Black Woman in the U.S.

11 Aug

Are we really surprised that she got this?  I’m not.  Although I am surprised that she beat Oprah and Michelle Obama who came in second and third on the list.  Beyonce is the female Michael Jackson of my time if you ask me.  She is one of the most hard-working person I have ever seen in show business.  When I went to her concert back in June 2009, she danced sang and put on a great show all within 2 hours and intermission was only about 5 minutes.  Just yesterday she sold out, within seconds of all ‘4 Intimate Nights’ in NY that will take place August 14, 16, 18 and 19th.

She has branded herself well.  In 2004, Beyonce and her mother introduced their family’s fashion line, “House of Deréon”; she has also endorsed brands such as Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and L’Oréal. In June 2010, Knowles was ranked second on Forbes Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential celebrities in the world, and first on its list of the Most Powerful and Influential musicians in the world. She has won numerous awards and she is one of the most honored artists by the Grammys with 16 Grammys. That’s 16 Grammys! 13 as a solo artist and 3 as a member of Destiny’s Child. She has earned other numerous awards and achievements and all due respect goes to her. She is doing her thing and I am glad to say that she has done all this while remaining humbled. Never have I ever seen anything negative in the media about her as far a drugs, alcohol and violence like some of her celebrity peers. Go Beyonce!


What do you think about all this!


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