I have finally made my debut! Hello world!

17 May

Welcome to the Kloud Nine blog!

My name is Susan and in this blog you can expect me to talk and share what I love: music, pop culture, fashion, glamour, celebrity, entertainment, accessories, shoes, shoes and more shoes, style, home and interior design, food, parenting, event and party planning, weddings, and inspirational messages, worldwide and local headline news and sometimes about my everyday lifestyle.

I became inspired to start blogging when I saw how wrapped up I was in the blogosphere and social media life.  I have Facebook, Twitter, now Google+ and they are also such great marketing tools for business.   Blogging  provides an opportunity to share your opinions (and boy am I opinionated).  As time goes by, you will see that I am not your average twenty something year old and at times I can be a total dork.  I am fascinated by how businesses use #hashtags via Twitter and Facebook by a way of promoting their business.  sometimes, the simplest thing in life amazes me.  (See — total dork.)

I am just on this journey of life hoping to make a better way for myself. I am not sure where this will take me but all I know is I have many interest that I know you will enjoy as well and I look forward to sharing that with you.

Now, enough about me, who the hell are you?


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